The Secret Language of Comics: Visual Thinking and Writing

Welcome to My House

For the twelfth Sunday night sketch, I constructed a house to demonstrate my progress over the course of the semester. When deciding what to draw, I consider how I could utilize a whole image to demonstrate parts of my semester. After debating between a few ideas such as soup, a castle, and a cake, I…

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I’m McLovin This Sketch!

For the tenth Sunday night sketch, I recreated a scene from Superbad, my favorite movie. Within the scene, Fogel attempts to purchase alcohol with fake ID. To recreate this scene, I utilized an identical ID, rearranged my hair, and wore a dress shirt to complete his look. This sketch was very enjoyable and I recommend […]

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Literacy Narrative Part 2: Mr. Bradford’s Unexpected Lesson Reflection

After completing the literary narrative part two, I’ve completed various learning outcomes, attempted to implement various comic techniques, and shifted my perspective on my alphabetic literacy narrative. The learning outcomes I covered included creating texts with multiple modes, practicing writing as a process of drafting, revision, editing, and reflection, and utilizing visual thinking strategies to create […]

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Losing a Sock in The Black Hole

Like my other classmates, I had difficulty thinking of an idea for the Sunday sketch assignment. After thinking about it for hours, an idea finally came to me when I was doing laundry. As I retrieve my clothes from the washer, the door in the middle reminded me of a black hole. Thus, I photoshopped […]

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Do Not Touch The Sand!

One week ago, I went to Six Flags with my friend Ankith and Steven. While we were there, we boarded a rollercoaster and were enjoying the slow ride. During the ride, Ankith dared me to touch the sand. When I touched the sand, the ride stopped, an alarm went off, the intercom blared “do not […]

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The Prioritizer

  Items: Anthropology binder- I have an anthropology test on Friday, so I have my binder in my bag so I can study. Though this “studying” may or may not happen, at least I get a workout from carrying extra weight on my back everyday. History binder- I have a history test on Wednesday, so […]

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