The Secret Language of Comics: Visual Thinking and Writing

Market Equilibrium Visualized

This assignment was really interesting to me. For example, my actual notes for this one class period took up more than 2 pages of notebook pages, but the sketch for it comfortably took up one page. I also felt like the majority of my energy on this assignment was used on planning how to organize the […]

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Visualizing Contemporary Environmentalism

This visual note is created based on my reflection on Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, which is a book I’ve been reading for my Comparative Literature class. The class focuses on the ecological movement and the animal rights movement in the contemporary world. I chose this particular class, because it contains some fascinating arguments related to philosophy, […]

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Drawings in the Mind

For the second Sunday sketch, visual notes, I altered my written psychology notes about the subfields of psychology into a visual information guide. During the brainstorming process, I recognized that I could transform the abbreviation for psychology, psych, into an acronym that contains each subfield: Psychoanalysis, structuralism, cognitivism, behaviorism, and functionalism. For each subfield, I […]

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The Key to Well Being in Life

  Throughout the process of drawing out my notes, I became certain that I truly suck at drawing. It was a fun experience, however, because despite my lack of artistic skills, having to draw out my notes made me think about the topic and relate the ideas in a different way than just reading the […]

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