The Secret Language of Comics: Visual Thinking and Writing

abdel.diab 2018-10-15 22:11:19

This activity was not as challenging as the other sketches. The other sketches took much more thinking and creativity in comparison to this activity. Part of it is because I was restricted to what is inside of my bag and had to work with it. Though it was not very challenging, it was fun to […]

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The Contents of My Backpack

Contents: pencil pouch – I honestly don’t really use this anymore, so I don’t know why I still keep it in my backpack. Its contents include an assortment of pencils and colored pens that I used much more in high school. a roll of plastic icing bags – I had forgotten that these were in […]

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The Prioritizer

  Items: Anthropology binder- I have an anthropology test on Friday, so I have my binder in my bag so I can study. Though this “studying” may or may not happen, at least I get a workout from carrying extra weight on my back everyday. History binder- I have a history test on Wednesday, so […]

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the things i carry on my back

I keep my backpack pretty light and switch out my books every night to prevent worsening my back. Here is the list of items from my backpack: Earbuds: I almost always have three different pairs of earbuds. One for my laptop, one for my phone, and for working out. I listen to music most of […]

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