The Secret Language of Comics: Visual Thinking and Writing

LIT…eracy Narrative

I found creating this comic to be valuable for several reasons: Creating a comic through a multistep process encouraged me to analyze my story from multiple perspectives. Through this method, I was able to pick out details for my comic that weren’t evident when I wrote my first, alphabetical literacy narrative. I proved to myself…Continue reading »

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Literacy Comic Reflection – A Result of Creativity

Once I completed the final version of my literary comic, I looked back at my rough draft to see the before and after of two additional weeks of brainstorming. I was truly pleased with my final product, especially my incorporation of the suggestions I received from my peers and Professor Morgen. Meeting with Professor Morgen, … Continue reading Literacy Comic Reflection – A Result of Creativity

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Literacy Reflection

Having finished the literacy narrative comic, I feel I can say with confidence that I demonstrated visual thinking skills as well as the ability to evaluate ideas of others. Writing the literacy narrative is one task, but putting it into a visual presentation on paper is another. During the process of creating my comic, I…

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