The Secret Language of Comics: Visual Thinking and Writing


    🐛Ballefly🦋 ballerina + butterfly When I picture ballet dancers, I think of people who start practicing at a young age, go through years of rigorous training, and eventually become elegant, beautiful, and strong individuals who dance confidently and passionately. The process is similar to how caterpillars change into butterflies. It was very challenging for […]

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Losing a Sock in The Black Hole

Like my other classmates, I had difficulty thinking of an idea for the Sunday sketch assignment. After thinking about it for hours, an idea finally came to me when I was doing laundry. As I retrieve my clothes from the washer, the door in the middle reminded me of a black hole. Thus, I photoshopped […]

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Sweet Tooth

This week’s sketch is inspired by this ice cream shop I once saw. Inside of the shop is a poster with a photo of a toothbrush on it, and on that toothbrush there are sprinkles. Coming up with the idea did not take too long, but the process of combining the photos together was a…

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Flowery Ice Cream

This assignment was harder than I expected to be(although warned in class) because the two right photos had to be found in order to match up and look like one photo. Instead of looking for two photos that might fit together, how I went about doing this sketch is by picturing two objects that could […]

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