The Secret Language of Comics: Visual Thinking and Writing

Mapping Climate Changed Reflection

After completing the map, I am able to see the graphic narrative in a more organized and meaningful way. I have found a series of repeating patterns that illustrate unique messages and draw emphasis on certain environmental/political issues. Instead of simply stating causes and consequences of climate change in a scientific tone, Squarzoni effectively utilizes…

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Lady Bird at CVS


This scene is taken from the movie Lady Bird. The story is about a teenage girl named Christine McPherson who calls herself “Lady Bird”.
The movie delivers unique insights about the turmoil of adolescence and the trauma that the mai…

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Data Visualization

        I decided to track my mood and sleep for this specific assignment. I was wondering if the amount of sleep I get contributes to the emotions I experience in my daily life. From the data I have collected, I can see a positive correlation, which means the more sleep I get, […]

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Literacy Narrative Part 2 Reflection Post

I really enjoyed this project overall. I definitely spent a lot more time on drawing the characters and demonstrating the choice of moment, flow, and words this time. I truly appreciate the feedbackI received about my storyboard from my classmates. I decided to add more details to the final draft. It was an interesting experience […]

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Storyboard Rough Sketch

    The sketch is primarily based on the idea I introduced in my literacy narrative piece. I want to talk about my first experience with learning Chinese characters and my name itself. Part of the story talks about a traditional Chinese folk tale, which is about how magpies form a bridge every year for […]

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    🐛Ballefly🦋 ballerina + butterfly When I picture ballet dancers, I think of people who start practicing at a young age, go through years of rigorous training, and eventually become elegant, beautiful, and strong individuals who dance confidently and passionately. The process is similar to how caterpillars change into butterflies. It was very challenging for […]

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