The Secret Language of Comics: Visual Thinking and Writing

Think about it…

Tying my shoe laces When I was little, my mom taught me how to tie my shoe laces. It took me a while to get the hang of tying my shoe laces, with all the looping and knotting that I had to get past. Slowly, with practice, I learned how to tie my shoe laces […]

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Graph my Life

This sketch assignment involved tracking some parts of my life which were not ‘easily quantifiable’. I chose to track the following: i. How my day was (out of 5) ii. Whether I considered the day productive or not iii. Whether I read before I slept and my subsequent mood the next morning iv. The number […]

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Sound ‘Bites’

This sketch assignment took me quite a while in actuality, as I had planned on how to go about this one for about a week now. It was definitely a challenge of creativity more than technicality, but required me to mess around with the ‘Photos’ editor on my Mac. I came to this picture when […]

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The Ultimate College Dilemma

This simple comic is a depiction of a true event. I know this moment is not momentous in any sense, but it definitely was one that struck me as interesting. I truly didn’t ‘know’ that it was a story-telling scene until I sat and thought about the happenings of my life and whether there was […]

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What’s in my bag?

Contents:  – Laptop (Needless added weight -.-) – Planner (My life-jacket) – Bobo (You never really get rid of your imaginary friends, do you?) – Notebooks (College-going kid’s got to have notebooks) – Pencil case (College-going kid’s got to have things to take notes with) – Folder/Binder (Organization galore) – Calculator – Wallet – 3 […]

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Tracing Maus – A Reflection

This task was definitely one which completely changed the way I viewed the graphic text, but also in the way I viewed comics as a medium. By making us trace through pages which we thought were interesting really made me question why I found something particularly noticeable. “Why were my eyes drawn to something as simple as two […]

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