The Secret Language of Comics: Visual Thinking and Writing


I wish I could stay here I wish I met her eyes She was not going to reappear in my life I stepped a little closer I’d really like to stay But she gave up and left  Utilizing Katharine Center’s How to Walk Away, I created a poem inspired by Tom Phillips. Within my poem, […]

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Our Wonder World

Wonder World
after Eudora Welty’s “Listening”
My father had a coverless face.
He shelved it in our bookcase.
My mother had been through fire
–she told me.
I can remember indeed
our Wonder World, beautifully made.
The Book of Kn…

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The All-Consuming Monster We Struggle to Slay

Title is a mouthful, huh?
In fact, you’d expect my Human Document to have a drawing of an actual monster (that might have been clever!), but instead there’s just a messy disarray. In my eyes, that’s stress, and I thought it would be appropriate to make this sketch about it, seeing as we’re at that point of the semester where it feels like we have responsibilities and problems and work coming at us from every direction. Here’s the poem:

about stress

i have found

The moment of departure itself

without frequency

causes mere charge

not relief… Continue reading The All-Consuming Monster We Struggle to Slay

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Recognition for something
He didn’t believe in my capability
I think he knew me far better – but I understood his argument
If you have the meaningful recommendation, that’s going to make people pay attention,
But breath and name reco…

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