The Secret Language of Comics: Visual Thinking and Writing

An Unfortunate Morning

When I was thinking about what topic I wanted my triptych to be about, I decided to make it a bit lighter and more personal than my previous sketches have been. These panels portray one unfortunate morning where I was woken up by construction going on outside my window at about 5:00 am. This continued […]

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‘Sundae’ Sketch

This sketch was probably the hardest one so far for me. I could not decide where to start. I decided to just treat it like a movie story board and each piece of the triptych is a frame. I went with stuff I knew I could draw then added the words and meaning in at […]

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Old McDonald Had a Farm

The assignment was fairly challenging, because it requires some ironic, playful storytelling. I was not certain about how to reduce the content while presenting a meaningful message. I thought of a book named Animal Liberation by Peter Singer while creating this triptych. I was introduced to the book through my comparative literature class, and the book […]

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The Big Kaboom of Doom

I wasn’t really sure how to approach this assignment at first, so I googled “trytograph comic funny” and spent about twenty minutes perusing google images. Some results were helpful. Others, not so much (but that’s Google for you). I initially wanted to make a comic that featured human beings, but I can’t draw, so that…Continue reading »

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