The Secret Language of Comics: Visual Thinking and Writing

Assembling an Ultimate play

For this week’s sketch assignment I decided to make an assembly of several ultimate frisbee plays. I thought that it was interesting because I haven’t done anything related to ultimate in this class ever since my first sketch assignment, even though it takes up such a large commitment in my life. In this diagram I […]

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Measuring Socialness

For this sketch I decided to track my “socialness” over the course of the week, and how it related to my general happiness. I tried to do a balance between things that would measure how extroverted I was (i.e. time in conversation, or eating with friends) and things that would measure how introverted I was […]

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While this was probably one of the most demanding sketch assignments that we have had so far, I think that learning how to use photoshop and editing different photos will be pretty valuable to know. If not valuable, I think that it is just fun to mess around to see what you can create in […]

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The morning I lost my sunglasses

For me, coming up with a topic was not that difficult. I brainstormed anything interesting that happened to me in the last 6 months and in theory I found something that works pretty well. The comic depicts a fateful morning where I forget my sunglasses at home right after pulling out of the driveway. I […]

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