The Secret Language of Comics: Visual Thinking and Writing

Heart of Gold

I’ll be honest, the assignment to create an actual little comic for this class was undeniably intimidating. Usually on Sundays we’ll have sketches, which I think you agree is a word that carries a lot less pressure. On a sketch, you can make mistakes; it’s a creative process  that can go in just about any direction. For this week’s Triptych, we had frames and words, and it looked a lot more like a finished product. … Continue reading Heart of Gold

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The All-Consuming Monster We Struggle to Slay

Title is a mouthful, huh?
In fact, you’d expect my Human Document to have a drawing of an actual monster (that might have been clever!), but instead there’s just a messy disarray. In my eyes, that’s stress, and I thought it would be appropriate to make this sketch about it, seeing as we’re at that point of the semester where it feels like we have responsibilities and problems and work coming at us from every direction. Here’s the poem:

about stress

i have found

The moment of departure itself

without frequency

causes mere charge

not relief… Continue reading The All-Consuming Monster We Struggle to Slay

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Visual Notes

For your sketch assignment this week, I want you to create a set of visual notes for one day in one class (other than this one) that you are currently enrolled in. You do not need to take your visual notes in real time; in fact, I recommend that you don’t. I recommend that you go to your classes and take notes in whatever manner you normally do, then after class go through your notes and recreate them as visual notes.

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