This week: 14

14 11/27 Climate ChangedĀ (to end)
11/29 Drafting mapping climate changed assignment
12/2 Sketch 10: Recreate a movie scene

Some of you have already published your sketch 10 posts, but for the rest of you they are due on Sunday. If you haven’t taken your picture yet, it might take a bit of planning, so leave yourself some time to complete the sketch.

We’ll spend time in class on Thursday continuing pattern recognition with Climate Changed. I’ll ask you to identify your own pattern, to trace the occurences of the pattern, to think about what it means, and to represent that understanding in a visual format.

Also, I’d like to meet with you briefly this week to discuss the essays comparing Stitches and Spinning, and whatever else you’d like to discuss, before we really truly enter the home stretch. Sign up for a time to meet with me here.

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