Week ahead: 10

10 10/30 Spinning, Prologue and chapters 1-3 (1-114)
11/1 Spinning, chapters 4-5 (115-82)
11/4 Data gathering for sketch 9

This coming week you should begin incorporating the peer feedback on your literacy narrative comic storyboard and drawing the final version of the comic, which is due on Nov 8. Before coming to class tomorrow, have an idea of what you are going to track for the data visualization sketch.

In class on Tuesday, we’ll talk about the ending of Stitches and also the beginning of Spinning. Your next major project will be a comparison essay about these two books, so as you prepare for class begin to think about the similarities you see between the two.

Spinning is  Tillie Walden‘s fourth book and won the Eisner award for Best Reality-Based graphic narrative in 2018. Note that her fifth book (!), On a Sunbeam, came out earlier this month. Her sixth book, Mini Meditations on Creativity, comes out later this fall. She’s twenty-two years old. She posts lots of sketches on her Twitter feed, so you might want to check her out there.

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