Week ahead: 11

11 11/6 Spinning, chapters 6-8 (183-318) and Hillary Chute, “Introduction: Women, Comics, and the Risk of Representation” from Graphic Women: Life Narrative and Contemporary Comics.
11/8 Spinning, chapters 9-10 & author’s note (319-94) Literacy narrative comic final
11/11 Sketch 9: Data viz from everyday life

No sketch due this Sunday, but make certain you keep tracking data that you can use to create visualization for Sketch 9 coming up.

For Tuesday, read the chapters in Spinning and also the introductory chapter of Hillary Chute’s book on women comics writers. Note that Spinning came out after this book, so Chute does not say anything about the text, but pay attention to the theoretical framework that Chute outlines in her essay. It will be a bit of a challenge for you because you won’t have read the texts she is analyzing, but as you read think about the patterns Chute describes and ask in what ways they apply to Spinning. And also in what ways they apply to Stitches. And in what ways those patterns don’t apply to one or both texts.

Note that you should read the Chute essay carefully — your next major project will compare Stitches and Spinning using that essay as an analytical lens. Come to class on Tuesday with questions and thoughts about it.

The final version of your literacy narrative comics are due on Thursday, so keep working on them.

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