Week ahead: 6

9/30 Sketch 4: Human Document
6 10/2 Palestine, chapters 1 & 2 (1-50) Tracing Maus
10/4 Palestine, chapters 3 & 4 (51-113)
10/7 Sketch 5: Triptych

I forgot to hand out book pages on Thursday for the Human Document sketch, so I went into campus earlier today and taped a folder with pages up on my office door — you can either grab one of those pages or use a page from a book of your own that you don’t mind tearing out.

As you read Palestine, pay attention to your own reaction to the text. As I said in class on Thursday, I expect that it will be a little disorienting, both because of the subject matter and because of Joe Sacco’s style. When you finish the reading, write a little post on your blog where you describe how reading the start of Palestine is different from the start of Maus — it can be informal and provisional.

We’ll spend time in class on Tuesday looking at your Tracing Maus projects and discussing the start of Palestine.

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