Week ahead: 8

8 10/16 Stitches, “I was six” (9-106)
10/18 Stitches, “I was eleven” (107-156)
10/21 Sketch 7: Tell a True Story

You should be working on your literacy narrative comic storyboards, which are due on October 25.

Stitches begins with about 15 pages of an introduction to David Small’s family. When you get to the end of that subsection of Tuesday’s reading (the full page image of David’s x-ray), pause and think about how Small has established the terms of his narrative. Write for 5-10 minutes about that text (you can publish as a post, or just write in a notebook and bring it with you on Tuesday). In those first pages of his argument, what choices has he made (moment, frame, image, word, and flow)? What are your expectations for where this book will go from here? What kind of an argument do you expect Small to make in the book to follow?

Look over the sketch 7 instructions — that might take some time. We’ll talk about it a bit in class on Tuesday (I might bump this one back a bit).

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