Weeks ahead: 15 & 16

15 12/4 Begin portfolio Mapping Climate Changed &Literacy Narrative, part 3
12/6 Revise projects, portfolio reflection letter, edit website
12/9 Sketch 12: Assemblies
16 12/11 Conclusion
12/173:00 – 5:00p Final Exam Period Final Portfolio and Reflection Letter

This week we will turn our focus to the final portfolio reflection letters and to the design of your websites now that the work of the semester is pretty much completed. As you prepare for class on Tuesday, please do take a few moments and read over the assignment prompt for your reflection letters. Your final sketch is due on Sunday — take a look at it and you’ll see that completing that final sketch is also part of your reflection process as the semester enters the home stretch. From now until the final portfolio is due, during the time slated for the final exam period (12/17 at 3:00 pm), you’ll complete any revisions you still want to do on any of the assignments, finish that last sketch assignment, write up the end of semester reflection, and work on the design of your site.

Note that this class does not have a final exam and you do not need to be physically present anywhere on 12/17 at 3:00. The final exam period is simply the due date for the portfolio.

Sometime between 12/11 and 12/17, I’ll have final conferences with each of you to discuss the entire portfolio and look ahead toward future writing tasks. Keep an eye out for more information about those conferences and a sign up sheet for times coming soon.

This semester the end of semester course evaluation surveys are available online. I’ll give you some time to complete those in class still on the final day of the semester. I will likely also ask you to complete another brief survey that I’ll put together.

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