The Secret Language of Comics: Visual Thinking and Writing

Sketch 12- Secret Langue of Desserts

One of the favorite desserts to make is strawberry panna cotta. Strawberry panna cottas only have six ingredients, but each one is crucial to the dish and cannot be missed, just like my ingredients to completing this class. First of all, strawberries- without them, the panna cotta would look bland and without much flavor. I…

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Sketch 12: Writing is a Milkshake

Writing consists of many steps and stages just like how a strawberry milkshake consists of many ingredients in order for it to be good. My sketch shows the different components of my writing process in the form of a milkshake because writing cannot be good with just one aspect. I have to blend and mix […]

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The End is Near, but the Journey has just Begun.

From the projects to the Sunday sketches and the intriguing class discussions, this course embodies the meaning of creativity. As shown in the illustration above, I have represented each of the four main topics of the major assignments. Three out of the four assignments are based on graphic comics/narratives we read for this class. I … Continue reading The End is Near, but the Journey has just Begun.

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Literacy Narrative Reflection

In the process of making this Literacy Narrative Project, I have gained many skills as a writer and an artist, and I have discovered things about myself that I never thought about before. My final draft has been through a lot of work. I have revised my alphabetical narrative and my comic many times. My […]

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