The Secret Language of Comics: Visual Thinking and Writing

Sketch 11: Assemblies

Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. My family isn’t religious, but come December, every minute of every day is “merry and bright.” My family has a lot of nonconventional traditions. Our only really conventional tradition is getting our tree and decorating it. The day after Thanksgiving, we go buy a Christmas tree. Every year, […]

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Assembling an Ultimate play

For this week’s sketch assignment I decided to make an assembly of several ultimate frisbee plays. I thought that it was interesting because I haven’t done anything related to ultimate in this class ever since my first sketch assignment, even though it takes up such a large commitment in my life. In this diagram I […]

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Welcome to My House

For the twelfth Sunday night sketch, I constructed a house to demonstrate my progress over the course of the semester. When deciding what to draw, I consider how I could utilize a whole image to demonstrate parts of my semester. After debating between a few ideas such as soup, a castle, and a cake, I…

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Sunday Sketch, Sushi, and Summary

Our English course this semester has consisted of many assignments with varying degrees of significance. My Sunday Sketch, in the form of a sushi roll, demonstrates the importance and structure of all the assignments we’ve had this semester. The white rice that surrounds the sushi is our final portfolio reflection. Our reflection covers everything we’ve … Continue reading Sunday Sketch, Sushi, and Summary

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