Week ahead: 4

4 9/18 Maus, finish Book 1
9/20 Maus, Book 2, chapters 1 & 2

Scott McCloud Understanding Comics (for real this time)

9/23 Sketch 3: Sunday Sketches

This week we’ll begin the first set of individual conferences, so please sign up for a conference on this sheet. If none of the listed times can possibly work for you, please let me know and I’ll try to arrange something with you individually — but really do try to accommodate this schedule. I can also add additional rows next week if everyone can’t fit in the spaces available currently.

We’ll discuss your literacy narrative essays and other aspects of the class. Please make sure that you note the time you sign up for in your calendar and remember to show up. I’m excited to be able to meet with you individually but it is frustrating when you don’t show up as scheduled.


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